Catalog No. 3089

Pottery, etched, 1.0L or 0.5L, inlaid lid, signed by H. Schlitt.

“Abstineo” (Latin)
“Diogenes der alte Narr verdrossen hockt er da und starr
wo selbst der alten Götter ew’ge Jugendkraft
verschmäht die Liebe nicht noch weniger den Rebensaft.”

(Diogenes the old fool sits there weary and motionless
where even the old gods’ eternal power of youth
does not spurn love nor even less the juice of the grape.)

The artwork on this stein originally appeared in a 1908 vault painting done by Heinrich Schlitt in the Munich Ratskeller.

Diogenes (412-323 B.C.), a Greek Philosopher, believed that only by depriving oneself of everything that is superfluous could a person hope to be free of desire and therefore unhappiness. He is said to have lived in a large wine urn, depicted here as a wooden barrel. It is interesting to note that the iron tools necessary to make such a barrel would not exist until after 400 A.D., some 700 years following the death of Diogenes. Similarly, the lantern in Schiltt’s drawing would have been more appropriate to the 19th century than to early Greece.

The one-liter version of this stein is first in a set of four (3089-3092). The half-liter version is first in a set of five (3089-3093).

Master stein is No. 3099.

Price Ranges
1.0L: $550-$700
0.5L: $400-$550

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
Mettlach 3089 (1.0L)
Mettlach 3089 (1.0L)

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