Knight Drinking

Catalog No. 3091

Pottery, etched, 1.0L or 0.5L, inlaid lid, signed by H. Schlitt.

“Der Kamin wärmt mich von aussen, doch das Bier thut es von innen
und bei alle dem Behagen wär’ ich jetzt des Sinns zu Minnen.”

(The fireplace warms me from the outside, but the beer does it from within
and due to this feeling of well being I could be in the mood for love.)

The central image on this stein originally appeared in a 1908 vault painting done by Heinrich Schlitt in the Munich Ratskeller.

The one-liter version of this stein is third in a set of four (3089-3092). The half-liter version is third in a set of five (3089-3093).

Price Ranges
1.0L: $650-$800
0.5L: $500-$650

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
Mettlach 3091 (1.0L)
Mettlach 3091 (1.0L)

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