“Dance on the Alpine Meadow”

Catalog No. 523

Pottery, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

“In Nord u. Süd, in Ost u. West,
ist froher Sinn das Allerbest.”

(In north and south, in east and west,
a happy mind is the best of all.)

Central image taken from a painting by Franz Defregger (1835-1921).

A special order version of this stein exists, produced for the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, replacing some of the edelweisse on one side with an image of a Tyrolean castle, along with text reading “Tyrol in St. Louis” (see detail, below right). Additional D&B steins known to have been produced for the Fair include Nos. 268, 366, 406, 456, 458 and 575.

See also No. 396.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $60-$80
Ltd-color: $50-$70

St. Louis Detail
St. Louis Detail
DB 523
DB 523

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